About Gullywubbles

Gullywubbles is an overwhelming sense of joy you get when creating something you love, with people you love. Gullywubbles is family. Creating a project at one of our craft tables brings out not only imagination, but conversation. We feel that in today’s world, it’s more important than ever to unplug the gaming system and plug in the family system. Whether you’re a family of 5 or a family of 2, getting quality time together and re-connecting is imperative in EVERYONE’S life. In trying to raise well rounded kids, we often forget that we aren’t the only teachers in the house. There is a lot to be learned from our tiny humans, especially when they are given the freedom to explore who they are and convey that through art.

Gullywubbles is a culmination of years of crafting, online businesses, occasional “shop spots” and day dreaming with the most important and influential little ladies in my life, my 3 daughters, Vayda, Farah and Zenia. “Bored” isn’t a word that’s often, if ever, uttered in our house. You can imagine, in a house with creative energy (and plane old kid energy!) our home is just Gullywubbles! By now, you are probably wondering what this funny word is and where did it come from? “Gullywubble” is a word that has been in my vocabulary since I can remember. Shoelace in a knot? “it’s all gullywubble!” Everything in disarray? Oh no, everything is all gullywubble! At least that’s what Grandma has led me to believe all my life. But, just as humans do, that word has evolved and is now the perfect way to describe our favorite place!

We hope that when you stop in for that one on one family time, or that unique gift for a favorite friend that you will leave feeling not only like family, but a little bit Gullywubble too!